Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back To The Future

Bobby sighed. He was bored. Working as a security consultant and PI just wasn't doing it for him. It was paying well enough. He'd cleared his debts. He had time to pursue his interests - he'd even managed to attend a seminar on profiling in his spare time, to keep his skills honed. But what was the point of these skills if he had no opportunity to use them?

He'd been the star student at the seminar, and the lecturer had taken a shine to him. She was in town from Quantico, and they'd enjoyed a long weekend of mutual gratification before she'd had to go back. They'd stayed in touch, and had plans to meet up for romantic weekends every month or two. So far they'd managed three hook-ups in four months, and it felt pretty serious. Jane was a petite brunette of 38, curvy, feisty and fiercely intelligent. Bobby was tempted to follow her back to Quantico to try for a profiling job with the FBI. Jane was toying with the idea of moving to New York to set up a profiling course at NYU. One way or another he was sure they'd end up together.

As he left the premises of a large jewellery manufacturer, whose staff he had been vetting, Bobby's phone rang.



"Hi ALex. How are things?"

Though they hadn't met up more than a handful of times since leaving MCS eight months earlier, Bobby and Alex kept in constant touch.

"Haven't you heard?" asked Alex.

"Heard what? No, don't tell me. They need you back in Major Case."

"Bobby Goren, how on earth do you know that?" Alex sounded exasperated.

"What?" Bobby almost yelled. "Are you serious?"

"Bobby, it's all over the news. There's a huge corruption scandal breaking through all levels of 1PP - the Commissioner, the Chief of Ds, they've all had to resign, and they've dragged so many people down with them, a whole bunch of squads are running low on juice."

"So they've recalled you, Alex?" Bobby was delighted. Eames was a top cop.

"They have. But I had one condition. They had to reinstate you." She paused. "If you'd like."

(And that's as far as I've got!)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, that sounds perfect to me Val.

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miss lee said...

its time to change ur site, its 2012 now

val said...

You want to provide a new story, Miss Lee, feel free!

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