Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back To The Future

Bobby sighed. He was bored. Working as a security consultant and PI just wasn't doing it for him. It was paying well enough. He'd cleared his debts. He had time to pursue his interests - he'd even managed to attend a seminar on profiling in his spare time, to keep his skills honed. But what was the point of these skills if he had no opportunity to use them?

He'd been the star student at the seminar, and the lecturer had taken a shine to him. She was in town from Quantico, and they'd enjoyed a long weekend of mutual gratification before she'd had to go back. They'd stayed in touch, and had plans to meet up for romantic weekends every month or two. So far they'd managed three hook-ups in four months, and it felt pretty serious. Jane was a petite brunette of 38, curvy, feisty and fiercely intelligent. Bobby was tempted to follow her back to Quantico to try for a profiling job with the FBI. Jane was toying with the idea of moving to New York to set up a profiling course at NYU. One way or another he was sure they'd end up together.

As he left the premises of a large jewellery manufacturer, whose staff he had been vetting, Bobby's phone rang.



"Hi ALex. How are things?"

Though they hadn't met up more than a handful of times since leaving MCS eight months earlier, Bobby and Alex kept in constant touch.

"Haven't you heard?" asked Alex.

"Heard what? No, don't tell me. They need you back in Major Case."

"Bobby Goren, how on earth do you know that?" Alex sounded exasperated.

"What?" Bobby almost yelled. "Are you serious?"

"Bobby, it's all over the news. There's a huge corruption scandal breaking through all levels of 1PP - the Commissioner, the Chief of Ds, they've all had to resign, and they've dragged so many people down with them, a whole bunch of squads are running low on juice."

"So they've recalled you, Alex?" Bobby was delighted. Eames was a top cop.

"They have. But I had one condition. They had to reinstate you." She paused. "If you'd like."

(And that's as far as I've got!)

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Bobby beat Alex to the bedroom just by a step or two. He stepped over to the bed and whipped back the covers. He turned to face Alex and saw excitement shining in her eyes. He held her at arms length and asked, “Are you sure?” Never blinking she asked him, “Are you?” He pulled her close, “Definitely!” he whispered, enveloping her in those magnificent arms. His kiss was hard. Exploring. He tightened his grip, picked her up and they fell across the bed. They rained kisses on each other, each one more urgent, passionate that the last. Bobby slowly worked his hand under Alex’s blouse leaving goose bumps in his wake. He managed to work it over her head and discard it on the floor. He expertly unfastened her bra with one hand and as he was removing it, he dropped his head and kissed her at the base of her throat, then between her breasts, then to the right, then to the left. Alex was trembling, the anticipation building rapidly. Bobby was fumbling with the button on her jeans. After what seemed like forever, Alex slapped his hand and pushed his had away. Surprised registered on his face. “Jesus Bobby,” she grinned, “I’ve seen your sleight of hand make quarters appear out of kids’ ears.’ She unbuttoned her jeans and Bobby chuckled, “I’m a little out of practice-” She cut him off with a long kiss as he wrestled off her jeans and panties. As he pushed up on his elbow, he caught his breath and eyed her lean, muscular body greedily. He rubbed his hand over her shoulders, down her side to the fullness of her hips. “You are SO beautiful,” he whispered as he ran his fingers, those long, beautiful fingers, across her belly, down her hip and along the inside of her thigh. Alex heard herself moan and felt herself trembling with his every touch that left the heat of burning desire on her skin. He fondled, kissed, nibbled, and tasted until he brought her to the brink more than once.
Never breaking his gaze, Bobby slowly pulled away from her and began to undress. The craziest thing crossed Alex’s mind as he did. She remembered him taunting a suspect with his shoe size. “What was it?” she thought, “Oh yeah, size 13” Bobby turned to crawl in the bed, Alex caught her breath and barely managed an “Ohhh!” He was rock hard and ready. As he pulled her close to him her hands hungrily explored his body. Finally when they could not stand it anymore, he took her. It was long, luxurious, lovemaking filled with the moans and groans of ecstasy. And when their passion rose to a climax, so did they.
Both of them were struggling to get their breathing under control. Bobby had Alex cupped to his side, lightly ribbing her arm; her head rested on his shoulder. After a while, Bobby, mustering all his strength, was able to speak. “Jesus, Alex!” was all he could manage. She kissed him on the jaw just under his ear, “All I can say is WOW!”
A little while later, Alex propped up on her elbow and stared into Bobby’s eyes. He looked at her blankly, “What?” he asked. Alex’s eyebrow shot up. He grinned. “I thought you would never ask,” as he reached for her. Alex pushed his hand away, slithered up his side and whispered in his ear as her hands roamed over his body, her kisses were soft and gentle on his lips, his chest, his bellybutton, downward. Alex sworn she saw Bobby’s eyes roll back in his head and heard him moan, “Oh God!” Round two had begun and it had the makings of putting round one to shame.
They lay in each others arms exhausted. Bobby nuzzled Alex’s neck and she snuggled closer. In a soft voice, Bobby told Alex, “I have known for years that this is the kind of relationship I have wanted with you.” He was waiting for her to say something Anything. The silence was deafening. Finally he propped up on his elbow, looking down on her face, still flushed with excitement, “And I want you to know, I’m not taking this lightly.” She pushed up on her elbow looking
Directly in to his expressive eyes; tears glistened in hers, “Do you think I take this lightly?” He swallowed hard, “No. It’s just-you didn’t say anything, I mean- no, no I don’t.” Alex wiped a tear off her cheek, “Good. Because I could not be any more serious about this relationship. This is the most important relationship in my life and I’m in for the long haul. Bobby leaned in gently stroking her cheek whispered, “I love you Alex Eames.” She smiled at him then mischievously nipped him on the chin. This resulted in a brief tussle resulting in a very naked Bobby pinning down an equally naked Alex. As she squirmed to free herself she could feel Bobby’s body responding. She stopped and whispered to Bobby, “Just hold me. Please.” Bobby slide off wrapped his arms around her; she kissed him at the base of the throat, “I love you Bobby Goren.”
They were cuddled together, breathing in sync as they drifted to sleep. This time there were no dreams. They had found their dreams in each other and in the immortal word of Etta James “AT LAST”.

By Lynn

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Finally, Saturday morning dawned; the past few days had been long for Bobby and Alex. Bobby rose early and went to the market. When he had finished his shopping, he headed home to ready for the evening. He tidied up the apartment and when he finished, he stood back and eyed the results; yes sir, his D.I. would have been proud. His next stop was the kitchen; he measured, marinated, chopped and chilled in preparation. About two hours before Alex was scheduled to arrive, he showered and shaved. True to his word, he dressed down in jeans and a tee.
Meanwhile Alex had been mulling over a very pleasant dream she had last night. She thought about Bobby’s comment on staying in and she had to admit she was a little nervous but a whole lot excited by the thought. She was not sure where the evening would lead but if it took the path she thought it would, she would happily follow. When she started to dress, she remembered Bobby’s directive to dress casual. She smiled and added her own touch-something comfortable and easy to slide on (and off).
Alex arrived right on time. At her knock, Bobby opened the door and gave her a hello peck. “Mmm! Something smells good,” she commented as she followed him to the kitchen. “It’s Ma’s pot roast recipe,” he hesitated, then chuckled, “This was my specialty, Frank never got past spaghetti; both of us learned to cook at an early age.” Alex nodded but her heart ached; Bobby was still suffering intensely from his losses.
About thirty minutes later, they sat down to Chef Goren’s specialty. Bobby anxiously waited for Alex’s first taste. “This is delicious! Absolutely delicious!” A faint blush colored his cheeks as he thanked her. The dinner conversation was relaxed and a bit playful at times. Suddenly things got very quiet. Alex looked at Bobby and saw he was a thousand miles away. “A penny for your thoughts,” she whispered. He looked at her, “I’m sorry, Alex. I was just thinking.” She raised her eyebrow in question. Bobby smiled weakly, “Do you ever feel, uh, do you think I could ever be like Brady?” “Never Bobby; never in a million years,” she whispered. He nodded, “I just wondered, I mean I wanted to know if you ever thought about me and-” his voice trailed off. Alex smiled, “I do think about you.” This time it was Bobby’s turn to raise an eyebrow and her turn to lean in; she kissed his cheek, “However, my thoughts are much more pleasant.” He grinned and stood pulling Alex up with him and guided her to the living room.
Bobby dropped down on the couch pulling Alex down in his lap, “Now, what should we do with the rest of the evening?” Alex grinned mischievously, reached around Bobby and grabbed the TV remote from off the end table, “We could watch a movie,” she said as she clicked on the TV. Bobby looked at her in disbelief just as the evening’s feature was announced-“Household Saints.” Alex exclaimed, “Ohh! I’ve always wanted to see this movie!” Bobby caught the feigned excitement in her voice, “Seen it. Lousy movie. The male lead needed acting lessons,” he poked back. In one smooth move, he removed the remote from her, clicked off the TV, stood and held it high over his head. “No fair!” Alex exclaimed as she made a futile swipe at the remote. Bobby snickered, “All’s fair in love and war.” Alex stopped dead still and eyeing him responded, “War?’ Bobby playfully taunted, “Yeah. War.” He turned to walk away from the couch, “Let’s just put this right up here,” and pointed to the top of a high bookcase. With a loud whoop, Alex launched herself off the couch and landed on Bobby’s broad back. And the tussle began. They landed in the floor where they rolled, tumbled, tickled, grabbed and grappled; both laughing so hard they were gasping for breath. Alex was definitely giving the big man a fine run for his money. Bobby finally landed flat of his back, Alex pinning those magnificent shoulders with her forearms while straddling his hips. Suddenly the tussling stopped. The laughter ceased. Only their labored breathing could be heard. Bobby and Alex stared into each other's eyes. Slowly Alex slid her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips. “Is this more like what you had in mind?” she asked innocently. “Mmm,” Bobby responded while slowly snaking his hand under Alex’s blouse, his other hand on her butt, pressing her to him. She leaned in again and gave him an award winning exploring kiss. When he came up for air, he pushed her back a fraction and managed to gasp, “Bedroom!”

By Lynn.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Earlier the next morning, Bobby got a call from Skip requesting him to come in to complete a couple of more forms. They agreed to meet in Skip’s office around 3:00. About mid morning Bobby called Alex but had to leave a message. As time drew close for him to leave he still had not heard from her. But he would try again later. He had completed the paperwork in about forty-five minutes and called again as he left the campus. Still no answer; he thought he would go by her place and make sure everything was okay.

When he stepped up on the porch he heard the familiar theme of Sesame Street; he smiled knowing she had her nephew over. He knocked and the little boy answered the door just as Alex rounded the corner from the kitchen. Bobby stood smiling at the boy and Alex invited him in. “I tried to reach you earlier,” Bobby said. Alex replied, “I went over to pick him up. His mom and dad needed a date night so I volunteered to baby sit.” “Need help?” Bobby queried. Alex raised an eyebrow, “Can you entertain him while I prepare dinner?” He squatted down and introduced himself. The boy studied him intently for a minute then looked at Alex. “Its okay,” Alex told him, “Bobby is a friend of mine.” The boy was smiling when he turned back to Bobby, “Want to play?” As Bobby straighten up the child grabbed his hand and began pulling him toward a mountain of toys. “Good luck,” Alex smiled as she turned toward the kitchen. “Please stay for dinner; there’s plenty,” she threw over her shoulder as she rummaged through the refrigerator.

Alex could hear the boy giggling with glee as he and Bobby raced toy cars with Bobby providing all the sound effects. A few minutes later she realized it had gotten quiet, very quiet. “When kids get quiet-” she thought as she took a peek she saw Bobby’s hulking frame sitting cross legged on the floor, the boy sitting across from him mirroring his form while both working intently on one of the cars. She had to smile.

When she called them to dinner, the child ran to her. She looked around and Bobby was ambling toward the kitchen; behind him toys were scattered across the living room. Alex could not resist the opportunity that was before her, “Bobby Goren, pick up those toys!” He looked at her and blinked. “Now!” she demanded. Looking back, he muttered under his breath, “Jeez!” By the time he was finished Alex had helped the boy wash his hands and he was sitting at the table. When Bobby entered the kitchen the child pointed to a chair next to him and demanded, “Sit here.” Bobby sat and making a face, leaned over to the child and whispered, “I think bossiness runs in your family.” Although he had no clue what it meant, the boy giggled uncontrollably. Alex crossed her arms and stepped over next to Bobby. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her innocently.

After dinner Bobby cleared the table while Alex readied the boy for bed. As soon as he got his pajamas on, he took off to the living room. After Alex tidied up the bathroom, she strolled to the living room to find the boy contently snuggled in Bobby’s lap as he read to him. She curled up next to the boys; watching the little boy’s eyelids grow heavy. In just a few minutes he was sound asleep. Bobby quietly closed the book; he and Alex watched the sleeping child. Finally Bobby asked, “Where is he going to sleep?” “Put him in my bed,” she said. Bobby looked at her, “Oh. Well, okay.” What was it she heard in his voice? Disappointment? Resignation? “His folks will be here in little while to pick him up,” she explained. Bobby cradled the sleeping child gently and carried him to the bedroom and laid him down carefully so as not to wake him. Alex covered him up and kissed him softly on the forehead. When she turned, Bobby was propped against the door facing with his arms across his chest. He smiled at her, “He’s a neat kid, Alex.” She nodded and they returned to the kitchen. They said little as they finished cleaning up. Bobby broke the silence, “Why don’t you come over Saturday evening? If you are game, I’ll cook.” “Sounds good. What can I bring?” Alex responded. He smiled and put his arms around her pulling her close, “Just you,” and he kissed her on the tip of her nose.

They heard a timid knock on the front door. Alex looked at the clock, “His folks are here.” As she gathered the boy’s belongings, Bobby carried the sleeping child to the car and strapped him in. He looked at his watch; it was getting late. He recalled she had told him she had an early day at NYC registering for classes. Mentally he signed deeply. When they returned to the house, he went no further than the door. Alex turned and slid her arms around him as he enveloped her in his. They stood holding each other; Bobby looked down at her, smiled, and kissed her, “Dress down Saturday. We are staying in.” Silently he added, “All night.” He kissed her again and headed to the car. Alex watched him drive away. She was smiling as she locked up and readied herself for the night. She crawled in to bed remembering how Bobby looked in tonight’s domestic scenario. “He is a good man,” she thought as she curled up. The last thought before sleep overtook her was, “I bet he has a king size bed.”

By Lynn.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Bobby’s cheek was still on fire; Louise had left a very noticeable print. But in spite of the drama that had just transpired, Bobby was excited. As he sat in the car, he hit re-redial and rang up his previous caller, “Yes, this is Robert Goren. I just wanted to let you know my schedule has changed. I am available this afternoon if that is convenient for you.” He listened intently then replied, “Great, I will see you at 1:30. Thank you.” He looked at his watch, 11:30. Since he had time to kill, he decided to go to one of his favorite coffee shops. As he started in, he stopped at a sidewalk newsstand to pick up a morning paper. He ordered his coffee and found a place to hunker down.
He managed to stay put for about an hour then decided to head out. As he drove, he wondered how his name came to their attention; he would soon find out. As he entered the stately old building, a pleasant woman who introduced herself as Val in a very proper English accent greeted him warmly and motioned for him to follow her; they walked down a long corridor then stopped in front of double doors marked Conference Room. She smiled and wished him luck then stepped in the room and announced, “Mr. Goren is here.” Bobby stepped in and faced about a half dozen people seated at a long conference table. A distinguished looking man seated at the head of the table stood and shook Bobby’s hand then introduced his tablemates. He motioned for Bobby to sit. A middle age man, introduced as Skip, broke the silence, “Well Mr. Goren, as I told you earlier, you are being considered for a position here at CUNY.” Bobby smiled, “Please, call me Robert.” Skip nodded and continued, “You are, without a doubt, one of the top profilers in the country and we are prepared to offer you a position as an instructor in Criminal Profiling. That is, if you are interested.” Before Bobby could answer, one of the women interrupted, “Mr. Goren, I think it is only fair to let you know, we are aware of some of your difficulties in your past employment.” The man who had greeted Bobby rolled his eyes, “For God’s sake El, don’t be so dramatic!” Skip shook his head and grinned at Bobby, “I think we are prepared to make the offer to your liking.” Bobby replied, “Then I guess we should talk.” Bobby trotted happily to his car; he had just accepted a dream job. He could not wait to share the good news. He dialed Alex and tried to contain his excitement when she answered, “Alex, do you have any plans for this afternoon?”“No. Why?” Alex inquired. “I need to come by. I, I have something I need to tell you,” Bobby explained. Alex hesitated then asked nervously, “Sure. Is everything okay?” “I will tell you when I get there. See you in about an hour,” he told her. “Bobby. Bobby-” Alex was saying as he hung up. “Damn it!” she muttered.
He pulled in to Alex’s drive and willed himself not to run up the front steps. When he started to knock, she jerked the door open. As he pushed past her, he put on his best game face. “Do I smell coffee? I need some coffee. You’ve got coffee, right?” he asked as he headed to the kitchen. “Bobby, what is it? What do you want to tell me?” Alex asked as she followed. Bobby was having fun with this. “Talk to me Bobby,” Alex begged. He was struggling not to explode with excitement and his voice sounded strained, “Let’s sit down, okay?” Alex’s heart skipped a beat; he had his share of unhappiness, she didn’t think he could handle much more.
Bobby led the way to the couch and they sat. He felt Alex looking at him and he returned her gaze. She swallowed hard, “Bobby?” she whispered. He looked at her, “I have left the center but-” he hesitated, “I have accepted a job as an instructor of Criminal Profiling at CUNY.” Alex looked confused, “What?” Bobby repeated the news with a bright smile. “Get Out!” she exclaimed. Bobby happily reported the happenings of the day. “Bobby that is wonderful news,” she responded and before she gave it a second thought, she grabbed him and planted a kiss squarely on the lips. She glanced at him nervously when she pulled away. He sat quietly staring at her. She dropped her eyes and stared at the floor then felt his hand under her chin as he lifted her head to gaze directly into her eyes. He slowly, gently moved his hand across her cheek to the back of her neck and pulled her toward him as he leaned in, softly kissing her lips. They reluctantly pulled apart; neither said a word. Bobby leaned in and kissed her again. Once. Twice. Long. Lingering. Sweet. When Alex’s eyes fluttered open, she was staring in to those rich chocolate brown eyes. She shuddered involuntarily, her heart pounding, a blush flooding her face. Bobby smiled shyly, “I have wanted to do that for a very long time,” he whispered and rested his forehead on hers. Her only answer was a sharp intake of breath when he gently stroked her cheek. “Bobby,” Alex whispered. He nodded, “I know,” he replied in an equally hushed voiced. They pulled away from each other and sat in silence. It seemed to be an eternity. Bobby took a deep breath and stood and as he stood, he pulled Alex up with him. As he held her, he rested his chin on the top of her head while she rested it against his chest. Alex couldn‘t miss the quickening of his heartbeat as he said, “I should have done this years ago but I couldn’t-with us being partners and all-” he trailed off. Alex hesitated then whispered, “The other night, you told me you were only interested in the present. I, I feel the same.” Minutes passed then they walked to the door hand in hand. Bobby broke the silence, “See you tomorrow.” Alex wondered if it was a question or a demand. They kissed goodnight, both of them wondering what tomorrow may bring.

By Lynn.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Bobby looked at the clock. 6:30 AM. It was Monday morning. He rolled on to his back and stared at the ceiling. Monday. THE Monday after Louise’s designed encounter. He rubbed his eyes; he had not slept well. His dread growing, he knew the meeting Louise had planned was going to be unpleasant at the very least. Finally, he heaved himself out of bed and padded to the kitchen to start the coffee. As it brewed, he took a quick shower. He pulled on boxers and a tee then returned to the kitchen for his first cup. He sat down on the couch and sipped his coffee and his thoughts returned to the events that was fueling his growing dread. However, at the same time, he had a good chuckle when he thought about how Alex handled Louise. Alex could hold her own, that was one of her endearing qualities. He glanced at the clock and realized he could not stall any longer; he was going to have to get a move on to get to work. He poured another cup and returned to the bedroom to get dressed. When he was ready, he grabbed his briefcase, keys and headed to the car. He was already in a mood, a dark mood.

The commute to work was a nightmare. Construction, stalls, fender benders had travel time down to a crawl. Bobby’s mind kept replaying the encounter. Louise had shown her true colors, her actions speaking louder than words. His mood was darkening by the minute. By the time he reached the center, his sense of dread was practically overwhelming. However he was itching to get this whole thing over with, he just wasn’t sure how it was going to play out. Since he was a little late, the halls of the center were empty as all sessions were already in progress. He entered his office and checked his voice mail. There was only one-from Louise, reminding him that they needed to meet. As if he could forget.

Suddenly his cell phone rang. Bobby checked the caller ID and did not recognize the number. He was about to let it go to voice mail but curiosity prevailed and he answered. The call was a complete surprise. As he listened to the caller, he walked to the window and watched the morning hustle and bustle of the city. He was so engrossed that he did not hear Louise slip in to his office. She took a seat, quietly observing Bobby. His body language spoke volumes. Then she heard him laugh and say, “I look forward to it,” and clicked off. He was staring at the phone and smiling when he turned around. Louise realized he was very happy-no! excited about the call. Bobby still had not realized he was not alone. Louise broke the silence, “Well now, that must have been a happy call. I haven’t seen that bright of smile from you in a while.” Louise never took her eyes off him and she noticed his smile faded when she made her presence known. Bobby pocketed his phone and took his place behind his desk. “I didn’t hear you come in,” he explained. “I don’t imagine you did. You were pretty engrossed in that call,” Louise responded. Bobby recognized her comments for what they were-a fishing expedition. Moreover, he was not going to take the bait. He maintained a calm, almost aloof demeanor. Louise realized it was going to take more in order to get what she wanted from him. She took another swipe at him, “That phone call, judging by your level of enthusiasm of you reply- Oh, how did you put it? Oh, yes, that you were “looking forward to it.” I just bet it was your, um, lady friend.” Bobby chuckled softly but said nothing. Louise moved to his side as she regrouped then waded back in, “Bobby, please be careful. I just can’t bear the thought of you getting hurt.” Bobby choking on laughter answered, “Thank you but I don’t believe your concern is warranted.” Louise never gave up, “Women have a sixth sense about-”. Bobby stopped her by slamming his hand down on the desk, “Oh, please! You really know how to lay it on thick.” His intensity had Louise backing up a couple of steps. Bobby was on his feet now, “You know what you are Louise? Do you know? You are so full of yourself. You have to be the center of attention, the main attraction. The very center of the universe. They have a name for people like you-”. Louise’s next move silenced Bobby. Quick as a snake, Louise’s arm shot forward as she slapped him on his cheek. Hard.

The slap resonated through out the office. The anger was palpable. Louise stood shaking with rage. “How dare you analyze me?” she choked. As Louise paced back and forth, Bobby stood quietly with his hands in his pockets. The muscles in his jaws were twitching. That was Bobby’s tell. Louise caught it and went in for the kill. “Ohhh, I forgot. You were ONCE a hot shot profiler,” Louise said smugly. Bobby shook his head and laughed aloud. “Please! That is so lame, Louise!” he replied. He picked up his briefcase and dumped the contents on his desk. To top it off, he took his nametag off and dropped it. Louise held her head high and taunted, “You can’t leave. What will you do?” Bobby walked around his desk, slowly moving up behind her. Louise was rooted to the spot. Bobby stood quietly behind her for a moment then leaned in whispering in her ear, “I’m going to be-” he hesitated then slowly moved to the other side and whispered, “a hot shot profiler.” He stood absolutely still allowing Louise to absorb his words. Never looking back, Bobby walked out.

By Lynn.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Bobby’s eyes followed Alex’s every move. To see her in a dress was rare but a treat. Tonight it was more than a treat; it was an experience, a very pleasant experience. Pleasant experience did not adequately describe it. It was stimulating.
Alex picked up her clutch and asked Bobby if he was ready. He nodded and rather enjoyed watching her sway toward him. He lightly placed his hand on her back as they descended the front steps. He opened the door for her and helped her in the car. As they drove in to the city Alex asked where they were going. Bobby just smiled and assured her she would soon find out. It fell silent between them and Bobby glanced over at her. “Want to talk about it?” he asked. “About what?” she responded. He frowned, “Whatever it is that’s bothering you.” Silence. Finally, Alex spoke up. “Bobby, I’m so sorry things happened the way they did with Major Case.” He saw her eyes filling, “I’m just so very sorry.” Bobby reached over and covered her hand with his, “Alexandra that is in the past. I’m only interested in the present.” He let his hand linger on hers. She reached over and patted the top of his hand, “Got it,” she nodded.
“Speaking of the present, what have you been doing to keep busy?” he asked. “I will be starting NYC Law in about a month,” she told him and found herself watching for his reaction. Bobby looked over and smiled broadly, “That’s perfect for you. You can be a real hard-ass.” Alex looked at him straight faced, “Why Bobby, that’s the nicest thing you have ever said to me.” They both enjoyed a good laugh and chatted about NYC’s impeccable reputation.
As Bobby turned and entered parking for The Rainbow Room, Alex’s jaw dropped, “What are you doing Bobby Goren? This is way too extravagant!”
He shook his head, “Let’s have a good time, okay?” She smiled and then said, “Okay. But under no circumstance I am going to dance the tango with you!” He chuckled, “I know, I know. I look like…” “A dork,” they said together. They were still laughing as they entered the posh club. They were led to their table and Bobby pulled out her chair to seat her then seated himself. “Moonlight Serenade” was playing softly as Bobby ordered the wine. “This is wonderful Bobby. Thank you,” Alex said. The wine arrived and Bobby poured. They ordered and then Bobby raised his glass and toasted, “Happy Birthday, Alexandra Eames.”
While sipping their wine they reminisced about some of the finer moments as partners. When the Captain’s name came up, they both fell silent. Bobby swallowed hard, “He was a good man and it was an honor to serve under his command even if we didn’t always see eye to eye.” Alex nodded and fought off the tears. Their sadness was tangible.
Suddenly Bobby stood, offered his hand and raised his eyebrow. Alex took his hand and they stepped on to the dance floor. When Bobby put his arm around her, she felt weak in the knees. They glided around the dance floor and after several songs, they returned to their table. Bobby had just sat down when he looked up and saw a pained expression on Alex’s face as she stared over his left shoulder. “Alex, are you alright?” he inquired. His voice expressed concern. She answered, “I’m fine but I’m not so sure you are going to be.” He furrowed his brow and cocked his head. She looked at him and continued, “Your boss just walked through the door.” “You are kidding, right?” he asked. What was that she heard in his voice? Panic? Disbelief? Anger? Alex took a deep breath, “I’m not kidding and she’s walking this way.” She looked at him and saw his jaw muscles twitching. “Uh oh,” she thought, “This is not going to be pretty.”
Bobby glanced around just as a perfectly manicured hand reached for his shoulder. He looked up and there she was. Louise Gardener dressed to the nines in a clingy red dress. “I told you I would see you later,” she purred, “And please, introduce me to your date. Alex put on the perfect face, “I have the advantage here. You may not know who I am but I know who you are.” Bobby sensed that both women (ladies would be a misnomer) had bared their claws. Louise smirked, “Well, please enlighten me.” Alex opened her mouth to answer but Bobby cut her off, “Louise, this is Alexandra Eames.” Louise looked at Alex and sarcastically retorted, “Pleasure.” Alex came in low and hard, “I’m sure. I wish I could say the same.” Bobby snickered and Louise gave him a withering look. By this time a very handsome, older man walked up to the side of Louise. He put his hand to her back and whispered something in her ear as he allowed his hand to slide south coming to rest on her butt. She smiled at him then introduced him simply as James. Louise tried vainly to engage Bobby in conversation but he never took the bait. James gently tugged on her arm as he whispered in her ear once again. This time he smiled lecherously. Louise nodded, “Bobby, I will see you in my office Monday morning. Don’t be late.” She started to walk away but turned and fired the parting shot. In a perfect stage whisper she said, “Oh, I have been meaning to tell you, your agenda is so user friendly. You might want to consider closing it when you are away from your desk.” She turned toward the door then sashayed out. Bobby felt the heat in his face. Alex watched Louise and James leave and then said, “The way that old goat is feeling her up, she better be careful. He just may pop a vessel.”
Despite Bobby’s growing anger he couldn’t help but laugh at the comment. He started to apologize for the interruption but Alex cut him short, “The apology is not yours to make, Bobby, it is hers and you or I will never hear it.” “Probably not,” he acknowledged. By now their meal was being served. After several minutes, they began to relax and to find humor in the little drama that just played out. They finished their meal and as the music demanded their attention and they took to the dance floor once again. This time Alex could feel the heat of his hand as it lay on her bare back, the feel of his breath on her cheek. It was hard to tell who was holding who the closest but neither one of them considered making a change in the situation. The evening wore on pleasantly. Finally they called it a night and headed out.
Upon arriving back at Alex’s, she invited him in for one more glass of wine. She kicked off her shoes as they entered the house. “Make yourself comfortable,” she told him as she headed toward the kitchen. Bobby took off his coat and tie, unbuttoned his collar and followed her. She had set the perfectly chilled wine on the counter and handed him a corkscrew. He popped the cork expertly and looked around. She had open the cabinet and asked him to hand down the wine glasses from the top shelf. He sat the bottle of wine on the counter behind her and reached up for the glasses. Alex found herself sandwiched between him and the counter. He was standing so close; so very close. She took the glasses from him and as she started to pour the wine, she realized he had yet to move. She sat the bottle on the counter as he reached around her for his glass. He took a step back giving her just enough room to turn and face him. A moment or two passed then they toasted each other and sipped the wine. Alex walked toward the couch as Bobby followed. He stepped over to the stereo; made a selection and popped in a disc then walked back to the couch and sat as Etta James soulfully belted out one of her many hits. They sat silently listening to the music. Bobby finished his wine, turned to Alex and demanded, “One more dance.” She smiled as she sat her glass down; they stood and moved to the center of the room. He pulled her close as they danced. As the music reached a crescendo, Bobby ever so softly kissed her on the forehead. The room went silent and as they pulled apart he cleared his throat and told her, “I need to go.” Alex nodded and once again told him how much she enjoyed the evening. He picked up his coat and tie and she walked him to the door. Bobby leaned down and kissed her cheek, “Let’s do this again. Soon.” Alex agreed, “Soon.” They said goodnight and Bobby walked down the steps. When he reached his car, he looked back to the door. Alex was standing there watching him. She smiled and waved and he returned the gesture. As Bobby drove toward home, he smiled to himself and softly hummed “Trust In Me” by Etta James.

By Lynn.